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Jack's Story

"I always wanted to paint houses. After a career as a Boeing engineer for 5 years, I became a nightclub owner and musician for 6 years with The Blue Banjo in Seattle, then on to developing Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour Restaurants with Bob Farrell (creator) in Washington State and British Columbia for 8 years. Following a successful creation of The Breadline and Soup Kitchen in Pioneer Square, it was on to starting the healthy, fast-food delis we named Yonny Yonson's Yogurt & Sandwich Shops which we built to 6 stores and ran for 15 years. After being forced out of The Columbia Tower when Bank of America took over the building, I was losing my 'restaurant identity'. I was 59 and didn't know what to do next. My best friend asked me one day,

'What would you do if money was no issue?' I said, 'I would paint houses, but you can't make a living

wage doing that!' He said without skipping a beat, 'Paint my neighbor's house.' I got the bid for my first

house and I felt I was in Heaven. The painting journey had its ups and downs, and by the year 2016,

our company has completed 350 jobs/year. I was told a long time ago, 'Do what you love and the

money will come.' With over 600 reviews now on Angie's List and 8 years of Super Service Awards

under our belt, I am so thankful that I went bankrupt when I did. Now I live in grateful abundance.

In 2010, Andrey Stepanchuk joined our team as an experienced painter in 2010, and has been working 
as our General Manager since 2012."

  "Have a Prosperous and Colorful Day" 

  Founder - Jack Fecker  (1932 - 2017)


Jack Fecker


Jane Bakken


Owner - President

Business Owner

Contractor since 1984

General Manager 

Painter Since 2004
Management Experience since 2008

Andrey Stepanchuk


team of contributors

Ric - Lead






Memo - Lead




Primitivo - Lead








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